German-Language Newspapers

Eduard Stütz, my great-grandfather, left his remote hill-side home in Steinbach near Raxendorf, Lower Austria at age sixteen in 1884. He learned the printing trade in Medford and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Following the death of his first wife in 1890, Eduard migrated to Los Angeles where he began publication of a German-language newspaper in January 1891 entitled the Süd-Californier, which ran until 1894. In 1895, Eduard published another German-language newspaper called Germania, which ran through 1898, possibly later. He did not publish a newspaper during World War I. Following the war, in 1919, Eduard began publication of a third newspaper, the California Staats-Zeitung, which continued throughout World War II. As a newspaper editor and publisher, Eduard Stütz became an influential leader in the growing Germanic community of Southern California. Following his death in 1949, the California Staats-Zeitung continued in the Stuetz family under the direction of his son, Raymond Stuetz, my grandfather. When Raymond retired in circa 1972, the newspaper was sold to another individual outside the family. A copy of these newspapers has been archived at the University of California at Riverside library.

Eduard Stütz with Heir Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia in Los Angeles, California, USA Eduard Stütz (1868-1949)
Donald Stuetz (Eduard's grandson & my father) returns to Steinbach, Austria in 2004 - 120 years after our family's departure

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