Handwriting Tutorial - Deutsche Schrift

The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize individuals with the upper and lower case alphabet used in the "Kurrent" handwriting script of Austria. As letters are best discerned in the context of words, phrases, and record entries, I have extracted segments of text trying to highlight a broad range of letters. I have also copied individual letters and displayed them as examples of the upper and lower case Kurrent script alphabet. (In some alphabet samples, additional letters were captured to enable illustration of the entire targeted letter.) The examples, linked to below, were found in several church record books and represent a few versions of Kurrent script. Every priest throughout different eras seemed to have written his letters and words a little differently, so this tutorial represents a very small sampling. It is my intention to expand the tutorial to include additional time periods and various styles of writing as opportunity permits.

In searching the Internet extensively, I could not find a tutorial of this nature and determined to compile one myself.  I do not claim to be an expert in Austrian or Germanic handwriting, but as I have been trained by a number of very accomplished genealogists in Austria, I wanted to assist others in acquiring these basic skills. I am indebted to the St. Pölten Catholic Diocese Archives and the Stift Göttweig Archives for use of their records in this tutorial. Please feel free to offer corrections or recommendations for improving it.

Kurrent Handwriting Script Sample