Genealogical Research Services

The objectives of the Southern Waldviertel Family History Project are outlined on the home page of this web site. To the extent that I can recoup a small portion of the costs associated with this project, I am pleased to conduct genealogical research for individuals or groups in the parishes I have identified. My primary interest in offering these services is to make additional information available regarding the inhabitants of the Southern Waldviertel and their ancestral homes.

I possess a Master’s Degree from Penn State University in American Studies with an emphasis in local and family history, and have worked as a professional Archivist for the past twenty three years at the Pennsylvania State and New York State archives. With forty years of experience researching genealogical records from the United States, Sweden, Wales, Germany and Austria, I feel confident in my ability to professionally undertake this project, as well as assist with your family history research in the specified parishes. Six extended research trips to the Southern Waldviertel region of Austria over the past fourteen years have provided me with extensive knowledge of its localities and experience using associated parish and Herrschaft records.

Please feel free to write me in English oder schreiben Sie auf Deutsch:

Kent Stuetz - Niederösterreichische Landesarchiv, St. Pölten, Austria