Digitization of Parish Church Records

A number of years ago the St. Pölten Diocese Archives began a project to digitize records from their vast collection of parish books. This monumental task was undertaken to increase access to these records and create digital copies to reduce the need for researchers to use original records, thus helping to preserve these irreplacable documents. The archivists and administrators of the St. Pölten Diocese Archives must be praised for their visionary efforts!

Digitized Records Now Available Online

In an equally remarkable effort, the St. Pölten Diocese has mounted its digital archives on the Internet for researchers to view and use free of charge! It is a truly generous act by the diocese to provide this service to its patrons, and they are to be congradulated for this wonderful project. Not all of their parish records are available online at this time, so I am guessing that this is an ongoing effort. I have provided simple instructions below to help access the digital parish records that are a part of this new digital collection.

Step-by-step Instructions to Access Images

Link to St. Pölten Diocese Digital Archives

Click on the link above.
To register online, click "English."
Look to the left in the green box, click "Research."
Read Terms of Use, click "Approve."
Look at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
Click on the yellow-blue square icon to the left of "AT Österreicht / …"
Click on the yellow-blue square icon to the left of "AT-DSP St. Pölten, rk Diözese."
Click on the yellow-blue square icon to the left of letters that the desired parish would be included.
For example, if I wanted to see the images for Pf. Martinsberg, I would click on the icon next to the letters "L … N."
(Go ahead and click icon.)
Look at the list of parishes directly under the yellow-blue icons
If you do not see the one you want just click on the small downward arrow at the bottom of the list.
Click on the desired parish to see a list of all available records in digital format for that parish.
Or you may simply find the desired parish from the hypertext list in the panel to the right and click on the list icon to the left of the hyperlinked parish name.
Either way, a list of available records will appear.
(Tauf = baptism, Trauungs = marriage & Sterbe = death)
Clicking on any of the records listed will bring you to one more listing for that record.
Click on the blue book-shaped icon at the bottom of the listing.
A new window will open and the first image of the digitized record book will appear.
The navigation tools are really good that help you move from image to image, to zoom in or out, or select a particular page/image number.
Indexes have also been filmed in many instances.

New St. Pölten Diocese Archives Website

Please visit Das Diözesanarchiv St. Pölten's new website for a lot of very helpful information through the following link:

St. Pölten Diocese Archives