Austrian House Numbers

In 1771, parishes in the Southern Waldviertel begin to record the house numbers of parishioners as a part of most baptismal, marriage and death record entries. This was part of an Empire-wide enumeration of domiciles. These notations are a great benefit to researchers in helping to distinguish between families with the same given and surnames, as well as in establishing other familial relationships. It is also very rewarding to locate the actual property where an ancestor resided. In many instances the ancient family abode no longer exists and one finds only a modern house, but occasionally the researcher's perseverance is rewarded with an ancestral home site which has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. This can be a truly remarkable experience, as depicted below in a picture of Barbara Winkler – resident of a former Stütz family dwelling near Raxendorf. One must also bear in mind the possibility that house numbers may have been reassigned at various times in some communities. [I am sorry to say that during my last trip to Austria, I learned that Barbara Winkler had passed away in December 2004.]

Barbara Winkler (1912-2004) at Home near Raxendorf, Austria

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St. Anna's Church, Pöggstall, Austria