Introduction to the Ecclesiastical Vocabulary of Austria

The list which follows represents a sample of words that are commonly found in Austrian Catholic Church records. These words represent an interesting blend of Latin and German languages, with many individualized adaptations on the part of local Priests. This list is a work in progress and will be updated from time-to-time. It is not meant to be exhaustive in any way. Please feel free to send me corrections or important additions.

In addition to standard German-English and Latin-English dictionaries, I generally only use one very thorough genealogical dictionary to assist with my Austrian research:

German - English Genealogical Dictionary
Ernest Thode
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.
ISBN 0-8063-1342-0

Aggsbach Parish Church

Latin Word Endings

 -a, -am, -æ, -ā    singular female
 -us, -e, -um, -ī, -ō, -o  singular male
 -ī, -ōs, -ōrum, -īs  plural male or mixed gender
 -æ, -ās, -ārum, -īs   plural female

This represents rather a gross oversimplification of Latin word endings. I am somewhat embarrassed to include them here as it reveals my lack of knowledge on this topic having never formally studied the language. What I do know is that in Latin, as in English, word endings are most often determined by gender (masculine, feminine or neuter) and by whether they are singular (one) or plural (two or more) in nature. However, there exists six cases with five declensions in Latin making things more complicated than what I have represented above. I offer this information only as a very basic and imperfect guide, but one that may assist you in deciphering many record texts. One example where this may be helpful is in discerning the gender of an unnamed child who died during or shortly after childbirth (e.g. filius vs. filia).  Your suggestions on how to better present this information, as it is reflected in Austrian church records, would be very welcomed!

Vocabulary ~Austrian Catholic Church Records

 abgedanckht/abgedankt  discharged (i.e. discharged from military service)
 adhuc  still, as yet (i.e. adhuc in vivis - still alive)
 aevum    age
 alda    all from there
 alhier    all from here (this place or parish)
 ambo  both (i.e. ambo p.m. - both individuals are deceased)
 Amt  office
 ander  next or following (i.e. next day in specified month)
 at mater dicit  then the mother said (i.e. who father of her child is)
 auch  also (i.e. auch ledig Standes - also single)
 baptisatus    baptized (male)
 baptisata    baptized (female)
 bedi/beede/beide  both (i.e. beede ledig Standes - both single status)
 Braut  bride
 caupo(nis)  innkeeper
 circa    approximately
 circiter    approximately on
 civis    (male) citizen
 Copulirt/copulati   those married
 cum    with
 daselbst(en) (das.)  there, at that place; here
 de  from, on (i.e. de ditto - on the same)
 defuncti  those who died
 der    the
 deroselben/derselbe(n)  (of) the same (i.e. of the same place) [abrev. - "dero"]
 die    (on the) day
 die qus supra    on the day which is above
 ditto    the same
 domiciliati (domicilium)  dwelling (i.e. domiciliati am Winkl)
 e (ein, eine, etc.)    a, an
 eadem  the same, likewise
 eben/ebe    the same (i.e. ebe an dißen Tag - on this same day)
 Ehemann  husband; married man
 Eheweib  wife; married woman
 eodem    on/at the same (i.e. eodem loco - at the same location)
 eig. (eigentlich)    actually
 eius/ejus (eiusdem)    of the same
 ehrbar  honorable
 Erben  heirs
 erzeugt/erzeigt  conceived (i.e. erzeugt bei Michael Schuster)
 et    and
 ex    from, out of
 ex nono fonte  from the ninth well (being interpreted it may mean)
 from a very uncertain or distant source
 Filial/Filialkirche  branch church/ chapel (i.e. Filial Martinsberg)
 fil. Illeg.  illegitimate child
 fil. leg. (f.l.)  legitimate child
 fil. naturalis  illegitimate child
 femella    female
 filia    daughter
 filii (filÿ)    sons or children (plural)
 filius    son
 fornicatio/Fornication  sexual relations outside of marriage
 geminus/gemini/gemelli  twins
 gesell/gösell  journeyman (i.e. Weber gesell - journeyman weaver)
 getauft    baptized
 gewesen/gewester  formerly (i.e. gewester Müller - formerly a miller)
 gfatter/gefatter    godparents or baptismal sponsors
 heri  yesterday
 hic  here
 hiesig  here/of this place (i.e. hiesiger Pfarr - of this parish)
 hinterlassen  left behind (i.e. hinterlassen Ehemann - widow)
 hoc  at/in this (i.e. hoc anno - in this year)
 Holzkneckt  woodsman, forest laborer
 honestus  honorable, respectable
 hora    hour, time
 huig/hujus/huius    of this (e.g. of this month, etc.)
 ibid/ibidem  in the same place
 idem  the same, likewise
 ignotus  unknown (i.e. miles ignotus - unknown solder)
 in    in, at
 incerto  not for certain (i.e. father's name)
 incola    inhabitant; day-laborer
 infans  infant, young child
 Inquilinus    landless serf; tenant; lodger
 ist    is
 item    also
 legitima    legitimate (female)
 legitimus    legitimate (male)
 levans    godparent or baptismal sponsor
 levantes    godparents or baptismal sponsors
 liber/libera    unmarried male/unmarried female
 Lictor (Lictoris)    police servant
 ledig erzeugt  conceived while single (unmarried)
 ledig Standes/LSt:  single status (unmarried)
 lignicida  woodcutter, carpenter
 locus  (loco)  place, location
 maidle/maidl  girl
 malis    bad, evil
 marita/maritata    wife, married
 mater/matris    mother
 matrina    godmother or female baptismal sponsor
 menis/Mense  month
 miles    soldier
 Molitor    miller
 N.B. (nota bene)  note well!
 natæ/nee  maiden name of female
 nechst  next, next to (i.e. Wiehalm nechst Martinsberg)
 nescitur  not known (i.e. nescitur pater - father not known)
 Nikil/Nichel (nichts)    nothing
 noch  still, yet (i.e noch ledig Standes - still single)
 noch in leben  still alive (i.e. describing parents of bride/groom)
 nomen    name
 nominate (nomina)    names
 Nothtaufe/Nottaufe  emergency baptism (by a lay person)
 omnes/omnis  all (i.e. omnes in Kottes - all at Kottes)
 p.m.  post mortem/individual is deceased
 p.p.m.m.  two individuals are deceased (i.e. both parents)
 parens/parentes    father, parent/parents
 Parochie/parochia    parish
 pater    father
 patrina    godmother or female baptismal sponsor
 patrinus    godfather or male baptismal sponsor
 Pistor (Pistorus)    baker
 Pfarre  parish
 Pfarramt  parish office
 Pfleger  administrator
 qus (quod est)    which is
 Regimeni    regiment
 Richter    judge
 rustica    farm girl
 rusticus    farmer, farm boy
 Saag/Säge  saw (as in Sägemühle or sawmill)
 Sartor/Sartois  tailor
 seelig (seel)    deceased
 septimus  weeks
 sepulta    buried (female)
 sepultus    buried (male)
 sine  without (i.e. without house number)
 Sine Num  without [house] number
 Sohn  son
 solutus    single (male)
 soluta    single (female)
 sponsa    fiancé (female)
 sponsus/sponsi  fiancé (male)
 spuria/spurius  female/male born out of wedlock
 sub    under
 supra    above (in this record)
 testes    witnesses
 Traxler  (wood) turner
 ud (und)    and
 ux. (uxor)    wife
 Verwalter  administrator
 vidua/viduus  widow/widower
 Vietor    cooper
 vivis  living
 von    of
 vordem    previous(ly)
 weiland  late; deceased
 Wittwe (Wittib)/Wittwer  widow/widower
 zu  at, to
 Zwilling  twin

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